Why am I being charged additional fees on my order?

Some countries charge extra taxes on importing goods. 

Please note that you may be charged taxes upon import of your items if you are ordering from outside the EU. We are also unable to ship your merchandise as a gift, as we need to follow the rules and fill out each customs form correctly. If we don't fill out the forms properly, we risk having the shipment returned to us or being prohibited from shipping to that country.

How do I cancel an order?

Send us an email (kurzgesagt@dftba.com) with the order confirmation number

As long as the order has not shipped yet, we can cancel an order for a full refund.

I need to change my shipping address

Send us an email (kurzgesagt@dftba.com) including the order confirmation number and the new address in your initial email to expedite the process. Please note we´re only able to change addresses before the order ships.

A part of my order was missing, what can I do?

If your order arrives and something is wrong, simply email us at kurzgesagt@dftba.com and we can get you sorted. In the email, please include the original order number, and let us know exactly which item(s) were missing from the package.

I received the wrong item, what can I do?

Email us as soon as you notice the wrong item. If you let us know the original order confirmation number, what item you expected to receive, and describe or send pictures of the wrong item in the initial email, it will help expedite the resolution process.

We will set up a reshipment of the correct item, so you will not have to reorder. 

Why are the prices in the EU store higher than in the US store?

We’re always trying to get you the best and fairest prices in both stores but there are two reasons why the EU prices are slightly higher. For one, prices shown in the EU store are already including VAT. The other reason is that we manufacture many of our European products in the EU which adds a little to our production costs.