Plushie Care Guide

If your plushie needs cleaning, we would not recommend washing them in the washing machine as the fabric is not heat resistant, and may not dry properly.

However, if your plushie friend needs a good wash, please remember to:

  • Tie it within a clean cotton pillow case first
  • Wash ONLY with cold water
  • Machine dry under the lowest temperature possible

If your plushie feels unusually heavy, they're likely still wet inside – give it another dry cycle!

Give your Plushie a Spa Day!

Follow these steps to give your plushie a freshen up! You will need:

  • Any brand of body or baby wipes
  • Baby powder or baking soda
  • A brush (preferably one with soft bristles or fine-toothed)
  • Vacuum cleaner with brush attachment

Here's how to give your plushie a proper Spa:

  1. Wipe down your plushie with the body/baby wipes to get rid of all of the dirt and oils attached to the fur.
  2. Wait for your plushie to dry, in the meantime you can brush them (please DO NOT use a blow dryer or any artificial means of heat drying as this can melt the fur)
  3. Once your plushie is dry, apply a bit of baby powder or baking soda all over their body and brush. This will break up any remaining oils and dirt, and make them smell even fresher.
  4. After the powder is brushed out, use the brush attachment on the hose of your vacuum cleaner to go over every inch of them, as this will suck up all the remaining powder and dirt, and will “re-fluff” your plushie!